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Focus on what matters most, and you can create a joyful life & career you love!


Hi, I'm so happy you're here! The simple fact that you're here, makes me think you're a bit like me, a sensitive soul who knows that it's possible to create a life of joy and abundance no matter what your history or circumstances have been.

If you've ever been told you're too sensitive or too emotional, you're in good company. Your sensitivity is not meant to be synonymous with suffering... it's actually one of your greatest strengths! It can lead you to the right people, the right circumstances, and the life of your dreams. Chances are, you already have a lovely vision of what your ideal life looks like.

I am passionate about highly sensitive, highly successful women embracing their POWER so they can have less stress, make more money and live the lifestyle they want. 

Emotional stress, poor boundaries, and self-doubt are like weeds in the garden of your dreams. And you were born to BLOOM! You simply need the right conditions to create that transformation. If you're tired of struggling with the same emotional patterns, no matter how qualified you may be, chances are you've been carrying around these limiting beliefs for many years. 

You don't have to let your sensitivity, your history, or your current circumstances ever be reasons for NOT taking action on your dreams. Many of my clients have amazing credentials and certifications behind their name, but crave the confidence to move forward on what REALLY matters to them.

As a BFRP, Intuitive Coach, and Educator, I help professional women who are highly successful but feeling burned out re-evaluate their career choice and figure out their next steps, so they can love what they're doing, make more money and have less stress. 




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