Welcome to Healing in Bloom!

There's no need to struggle alone when there's an easier way . . .


Hi, I'm so happy you're here! The simple fact that you're here, makes me think you're a bit like me, a sensitive soul who knows that it's possible to create a life of joy and abundance no matter what your history or circumstances have been.

If you've ever been told you're too sensitive or too emotional, you're in good company. For many years, my emotional and energetic sensitivity was my Achilles heel, causing much pain and misunderstanding in my life. At one point, my sensitivity was even misdiagnosed as a mental illness... which literally changed the course of my life. More on that later. Today, I am free of medications, free of drama, and living a life of my own design.

I am passionate about empaths embracing their POWER because many talented sensitives are still sitting on untapped ABUNDANCE. 

Emotional stress is like weeds in the garden of your life. And you were born to BLOOM! You simply need the right conditions to co-create that transformation. If you're tired of struggling with the same emotional patterns, chances are you've been carrying around these limiting beliefs and behaviors for many years. 

Are you ready for a CHANGE? It IS possible to decrease the intensity and duration of emotional stress and shift your energy naturally

You don't have to let your sensitivity, your history, or your current circumstances ever be a reason for NOT taking action on your dreams. 

As a Flower Alchemist, Intuitive Coach, and Empath Educator, I will work side-by-side with you to TRANSFORM energetic imbalance and ELEVATE your emotional vibration, so that you can EMBODY the best version of YOU and create the life you want. 




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