There is Strength in Your Sensitivity

If you've ever been told you're too sensitive or too emotional, you're in good company. Your sensitivity is not meant to feel like a heavy burden to carry. There is a brighter side for you to discover.

Your sensitive nature is actually one of your greatest strengths! When channeled effectively, it can lead you to the right people and circumstances to design the life you want and deserve. Chances are, you already have a lovely vision of what your ideal life looks like, and that's the first step!

Hi, I'm Karyn Kulenovic. I envision a world where sensitive souls are connected with their power, joy, and have everything they need to fulfill their greater purpose. 

Are you tired of tapping into everyone else's needs and struggling with the same old patterns? There is an easier way. The usual saboteurs of emotional stress, poor boundaries, and self-doubt are temporary stepping stones on the way to your bigger vision. The real transformation begins with you creating the right conditions within yourself so that joy, abundance, and inspiration become your new normal. When you are ready, I am here to support you!


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About Karyn

I'm Karyn Kulenovic, an Empowerment Coach and Educator for highly sensitive career-driven women. I teach practical energy and manifestation techniques to fellow sensitives who are ready to design lives of power and purpose.

I use a combination of energy healing, empowerment coaching and practical education to help my clients optimize their energy so they can reach their goals.

One of my biggest life lessons was realizing my sensitivity was not a weakness or an illness, but instead a gift to nurture and refine. This realization led me to unconventional paths of healing and abundance that actually work, and part of my mission is to share what I have learned with others to accelerate their path to success.

I have experienced my own journey of struggle to alignment, fulfillment, and abundance. At one point my sensitivity was misdiagnosed as a mental illness and the medications nearly cost me my life. Once I rebuilt my life, I found myself blending in and living a "normal" life.

In my heart, I knew I was destined for more, but had no idea how to start an online business, let alone switch from my comfy teaching job to something completely new. I hired a few coaches that gave me the clarity, systems, and support I needed. And I leaned into my own energetic sensitivity to guide me.

Today I work with sensitive souls worldwide, giving them the tools to optimize their unique energy, overcome limiting patterns, and transform their future.


  • B.A. in Literature & Writing Studies
  • Clear Teaching Credential in Secondary Education
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP) 


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