Creating Emotional Shifts is Easier to Achieve Than You Think!

Every individual has the capacity to blossom and this process works best when kept simple. That's why Karyn uses Bach Flower Essences to support each client's unique transformation. Karyn is an internationally-certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who understands the indications of all 38 Flower Remedies in the Bach System, as well as how to apply them to suit the various needs of her clients.

With the pure, high-vibrational energy of flowers, Karyn creates or recommends customized flower essence blends to ease the stress caused by negative emotional states, personality traits (such as shyness or impulsivity), and challenging circumstances. This can be done with zero side-effects.

YOU are the main ingredient in each exclusive, one-of-a-kind formula. Each flower essence blend is different. In fact, there are over 200 million combinations that can be created with the 38 remedies in the Bach System. 


Absolutely! The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for babies, children, pregnant mothers, the elderly, as well as animals and plants.


The flower remedies are non-toxic and have no contraindications. In other words, they have no side effects and are safe to be used with other types of therapy.


In the Bach Flower Remedy system, each flower embodies specific frequencies that correspond to particular emotions, moods, or personality traits. The flowers work to elevate the lower frequency to a higher vibration that aligns with the divine self

The flower remedies can help in dealing with the wide spectrum of human emotion such as indecision, low motivation, fear, apathy, bitterness, guilt, anger, and feelings associated with anxiety and depression. They also help with personality subtleties like blushing and ruminating thoughts. While these may sound like negative states, the purpose of the flowers is to naturally catalyze the reverse of such states.

  • insecurity confidence
  • apathy action
  • lack of purpose clear direction
  • fear courage

The purpose of taking the flower remedies is not to suppress less-desirable energy or emotions, but rather to transform them into more manageable ones that will stimulate your own innate self-healing. Karyn's clients are able to move through negative emotional states in less time and with less intensity. Since the flower remedies work on the emotional/energetic body, you will notice a difference in the way you FEEL.

The flower essences treat YOU, including the subtleties of your situation, your personality, and your attitudes. For example: mourning a loss, overcoming shyness, reducing repetitive thoughts, overcoming an addiction, welcoming a new family member, becoming more patient, and much more.

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This is not a one-size-fits-all system. In fact, over 200 million combinations can be made from the 38 Bach flowers.



People typically notice the subtle yet powerful healing work of the flower remedies within the first week, although the results vary from person to person. They are amazed and relieved as they experience their energy, emotions, and attitudes CHANGE right before their eyes!

A common result of taking the flowers is to forget why the flowers were needed in the first place because the initial discomfort or block no longer exists to the same degree or even at all.



During a Flower Essence Consultation (via phone, Skype or in person), the client's current situation and concerns are addressed. Karyn can then determine which flower essences would be the most beneficial. She chooses between one and seven flower essences for each custom flower essence blend and reviews each choice with the client to confirm that they are in agreement with the selections. Since this is a self-healing modality, the client has complete control over what they would like to focus on at each consultation. 

Many emotional and physical concerns can be traced back to an emotional cause - as early as childhood, or as recent as last week. That's why the consultation is an essential part of determining each custom flower essence blend. This requires a degree of transparency on the client's part, which better assists Karyn in tailoring the essences to fit each client's needs and desires. (All information is kept confidential as the laws permit.)



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DISCLAIMER: Energy healing in the form of custom flower essences is distinctly different from medical care or psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of physical or emotional conditions. Since energy work does not constitute medical consultation or treatment, the client is solely responsible for seeking and continuing his/her own medical treatment.



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