Join Karyn in Lily Dale, NY Summer 2018!

Workshop Title
Reduce Stress and Heal Naturally with the Bach Flower Essences

Imagine how your life could shift when you are able to move through negative emotional states in LESS time and with LESS intensity. How much happier would you feel? It IS possible to Reduce Stress & Transform Emotional Blocks Gently, Quickly and Naturally So You Can Start Living and LOVING Your Life Again... PAIN FREE.

Every individual has the capacity to blossom and this process works best when kept simple. In this interactive workshop, you will discover the relevance of Dr. Bach's healing philosophy. You will learn the 38 remedies, practice selecting remedies for yourself and others, and make your own personal blend! Discover how the Bach Flower Essences can support your unique emotions and personality so you show you up powerfully and purposefully. 

Karyn Kulenovic BFRP
Karyn is an internationally-certified Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and Empath Coach, who uses Flower Essences, Intuitive Coaching, and Education in various forms to help people access healing and joy naturally.

Karyn is passionate about providing safe, effective avenues of transformation for people from all walks of life. Karyn believes that once we realize we are not the problem but the answer, we empower ourselves to create the miracles we came to this life to experience!

As a mother of 2 young children, a wife, an entrepreneur, and lifelong sensitive, Karyn knows how to support people through trauma and change to reconnect them with their soul's mission. She has worked with clients worldwide to overcome limiting patterns and step into exciting adventures of their own creation.

July 5, 2018 7:00pm - 10:00pm

$65.00 (materials are included)

Lyceum Building
2 East St
Lily Dale, NY 14718 United States


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