Real Transformation Begins . . . on the INSIDE

Your sensitive nature is one of your greatest strengths and gifts to the world. All too often, good-hearted, purpose-driven people struggle with persistent limiting beliefs (often mistaken for truth), or low-frequency anger, sadness, fear, heartbreak, guilt, or shame--even though they appear to have it all together on the OUTSIDE.

This Has Got to STOP! You are MEANT to be in your power, your purpose, and your JOY--regardless of your past or your circumstances. 

Unlike other coaches and therapies that mainly focus on taking action or rehashing the past, I help you uncover misaligned patterns at the subconscious level. From there, you can reprogram and CHOOSE your thoughts, energy, and actions to match your intended outcomes.

Real transformation begins when you cultivate the right conditions within yourselfPeople who have spent years struggling with the same old problems have overcome deeply-rooted patterns faster than they ever thought possible! Issues like smoking, allergies, self-criticism, self-sabotage, procrastination, codependency, money scarcity, trauma, phobias, or symptoms of PTSD and anxiety--that many claim take years to heal--are transformed at last.

A key piece of this puzzle is to have a professional to facilitate this multi-layered process. I use a proven methodology for shifting your internal world FIRST, so your outer world (the joy, the ease, the life of your choosing - the stuff you really want) actually reflects that!!

You are invited to Schedule a Complimentary 30-min Consultation or send a message via the Contact Page. You'll hear back within 24 hours to set up a time to discuss your most immediate goals and concerns. Once you have your initial consultation, we can identify the most suitable options to get you moving in the right direction. There are a variety of packages available to serve your lifestyle needs and goals.

When Light-filled People Are Healed and Empowered, We Are ALL Uplifted by that Change!


Flower Essences


NLP, MER® & Hypnosis

  • I always say that coaches need coaches, too. Having worked in fitness and Mindset Transformation Coaching™ more than 18 years, I know that Karyn is top-notch. Like Karyn, I am trained in NLP and chose her to do a Breakthrough Session because of her ability to flush out areas we can’t see on our own. It doesn’t matter where you are in your personal or professional career, we all have a few hidden obstacles that keep us from the next level at times – Karyn will help you uncover and overcome those obstacles. Allow yourself to release the invisible tethers holding you back, knowing whatever you want to achieve is possible. Thanks, Karyn.
    Nicole Hollar, CPT, Fitness & Mindset Coach
  • Karyn is a beautiful soul. Combining her intuitive, caring, patient and understanding qualities with her skills in NLP, MER and Hypnosis, Karyn helped me to overcome my post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


    Following an extremely traumatic visit to the dentist, I had suffered from PTSD for several years. Even attempting to make a dental appointment, or taking my children to their appointments, resulted in me feeling anxious and having panic attacks. Someone had to attend my dental appointments with me as I was unable to sit in the waiting room, or speak to the receptionist; I would wait outside feeling terrified. When it was time for me to go in I used headphones to block out as much as I could. I felt very scared the whole time. Initially I tried medication to relax me but discovered I was unable to use it due to experiencing severe side effects. Amazingly this all changed for me following a single session with Karyn. I liked the procedure Karyn used because it kept me engaged throughout the entire process and was neither difficult nor boring. Once the procedure was completed, (it took about 10-15 minutes), I was totally unable to recall the dental trauma and felt unaffected by the thought of going to the dentist! Magic! While this was great, I thought the real test would come at my next dental visit which was due later that week. However, before my appointment, a situation arose where I had to call the dentist myself. To my surprise I found I was able to do this easily with no anxiety or fear! Then, at my appointment, I walked in without headphones, spoke to the receptionist, and waited in the waiting room rather than outside. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I still listened to my music, but it was by choice rather than necessity, and I only did so in one ear so I was able to speak with the dentist and his staff when necessary. The dentist was amazed and I was speechless. The whole experience felt a little surreal. I couldn’t believe I was so calm, neither could the dentist or his staff. They wanted to know what I’d done to illicit such an enormous change. So I told them about the amazing session I had done with Karyn. Thank you Karyn, you are so gifted and I am very grateful for all you have done for me.
    Lidija M., Spiritual Medium, Western Australia, Grow Your Loving Light
  • I am a non smoker! I have no desire to smoke anymore. There have been times that I'm not sure what to do instead and that feels a little weird but that is starting to fade. I could not be more grateful for your help!
  • Karyn, you have been an answer to prayer.  I had giftings that many around me did not understand and at times neither did I.  I was going through a very painful and confusing time in my life.  I had a healthy spiritual life yet the pain and suffering I was in was overwhelming. I found myself asking God for a person He could use with the love and sensitivity I needed to help me.  You are so incredibly loving, intuitive, sensitive, and very clear.  Your energy is both healing and unique.  This is not just your business, you genuinely care for people.  You set a healthy example and invest yourself in a healthy balanced way to your clients. God has used you mightily to walk with me through a difficult point in my life and business.  Now I am on course and moving full speed ahead.  I must add that I could not be moving forward with my business goals until the inner parts of me received the healing support to shift and breakthrough that which was keeping me stuck. Thank you so much for doing what you were created to do so well!! I can say confidently all who come to Healing In Bloom will absolutely bloom and be blessed!!
    Pamela Joy, Come Return to Eden
  • Karyn's intuitive guidance and expertise with flower essences gave me the confidence to speak up and say what needed to be said both in my professional and personal relationships. And to my surprise and relief... most of my bolder statements were received much better than I had anticipated! I wanted to shift my psychotherapy practice to work exclusively with empathic children, but was worried about losing clients. After following the steps in the program, I was able to confidently lead this change in my business, and ended up receiving more clients than I could fit into my schedule. I am now expanding my business to create programs that will educate other psychotherapists on how to incorporate art therapy into their practices. I am now clear about my purpose, speak my truth, set and maintain boundaries, and am a pro at self care.
    Lisa Spivack, LMFT, ATR, The Artful Therapist
  • Karyn has an essence that awakens the higher self. I honor and celebrate what she is sharing with the world. By expressing her authentic self in such a positive way she changes lives for the better. Karyn's inspiring actions activate in others a passion and purpose to walk an empowering path. She is an example of what we can do when we bless people with the beauty of who we are.
  • Thank you for all of the positivity you bring, maintaining a demonstratively compassionate attitude combined with a down-to-earth and practical perspective that there will always be challenges, but we can face and resolve those challenges for a more beneficial existence.
  • I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Karyn for her caring intuitive guidance and continued support. After completing the Breakthrough Intensive sessions I felt lighter, more confident and hopeful. Karyn’s innate understanding of the human condition helped me to see clearly the whys and hows, so I could melt away blocks and insecurities. I have a renewed hope and a brighter fresher outlook on my life’s path and purpose.
  • I am on my second round of Flower Essence Therapy with Karyn. I find the essences gentle but powerful in their action and Karyn is a sensitive and insightful practitioner. I have used the essences for everything from anxiety through to overcoming challenges and always have the essence on hand to help in moments of crisis. They have been instrumental in combination with other healing modalities to shift my well being. I highly recommend Karyn for her down to earth and honest approach, her professionalism and her intuitive insights.
    R.M., Marketing Executive
  • The flower essence blend provided by Karyn was so accurate to my feelings and needs at the time. I enjoy the flower essences and the support they give my spirit. Karyn's professional guidance allowed the choice of remedy to best suit my needs. I highly recommend Karyn's custom blended flower remedies to set you on a healthier and more spiritual journey.
  • Karyn has given me my life back. Through the years I had anxieties that did not allow me to live my life fully and many of them I did not realize I had. I feared going to the dentist and had white coat hypertension syndrome to the point where I could not get the work done that I needed. After a few NLP sessions, I am now able to go to my dentist appointments without the stress and high blood pressure readings. 
  • My experience working with Karyn has been nothing short of transformational! I had asked Karyn to help me with frustrations and complaints that I knew I needed support transforming. She carefully asked questions and listened to me rattle on with specific examples. Later that week she handed me a beautiful handcrafted bottle of pure love with specific directions. The very first night I literally lay floating in a half-sleep, but was completely lucid as I listened to my higher-self whisper three very concrete ways I could deal with a persistent frustration of mine. I have been taking my personal flower essence blend for four weeks now and can actually identify the wave of love and understanding that washes over me, which I attribute to Karyn's beautiful gifts. I am a big believer in Karyn's healing power through flower essences! Karyn is a master healer and I count my blessings that she 'happened' to come into my life. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do so well!
    Kimberly Wise, ReCenter Speaker, Educator & Coach
  • I am so grateful to Karyn for introducing me to the Bach Flower Essences. I've seen immediate (and somewhat miraculous) results once I started taking them. On an emotional level, I've never experienced such a sense of peace, abundance, and wholeness. It has allowed me to be a better mother and caretaker. I believe the most valuable part of Karyn's service is the consultation. Her kind, generous, and grounding spirit really comes through to create a safe place to share your emotional needs. Karyn's custom flower essence blends are essential! Even just looking at the bottles can tell you how much love and light Karyn pours into her practice.
    Jennifer P., Attorney & Writer
  • When you need a tune-up, you go to a mechanic. You’ll go get a medical check-up from your doctor, but most never think about the tune-up and check up for the spirit. Karyn guides you with care and compassion as you unlock the limiting beliefs and subconscious roadblocks holding you back to realize your full potential and live your best life. Not only has Karyn helped me to reach another level spiritually, but I’ve also seen her do the same for close friends. This is the cleansing you didn’t even know you needed.
    Kovas Myvette, Music Composer & Recording Artist
  • I was feeling stuck, held back by limiting beliefs that felt hard to clear and pin down. I knew where I wanted to go, but I had trouble taking the action. There was something bigger underneath that I needed to address to move forward with my business. I wanted to remove that stalled feeling, the invisible wall that I kept hitting every time I wanted to take action on my business. I was ready to feel more confident in selling my services and talking about what I do on video. I had big plans and I could see myself getting there, but taking the steps forward felt like wading through a field of mud to get to the other side. There was a lot of hidden feelings around not being good enough, but I would not have uncovered that on my own. There was so many layers to peel back and separate issues that together showed that old pattern. Several things surprised me, most of which are related to how quickly the sessions worked! After the first session, I felt lighter, more joyful, more confident, less worried about what other people thought of me. Even before we completed our final session, I was receiving new opportunities and connections for my business. My energy had changed that quickly and the universe was responding to that positive change.
    Laura Young, Fashion Blogger & Personal Stylist, The Fashionable Bookworm
  • I want to express my utmost happiness and gratitude to Karyn for basically "saving my life." Years ago I practiced my gift, but the response I received from "un-open" people caused me to shut down and build walls. In doing so, I went into a dark place where fear controlled my life. I had anger issues, trust issues, you name it. However, working with Karyn and being in The Integrated Empath Academy with wonderful, loving, supportive people, I have been able to reframe situations, control my anger, but most of all the walls are down. Now I feel so light, loving, trusting, and so darn HAPPY!!! I feel so EMPOWERED! When I started being more ME and trusting, I was able to set healthy boundaries (without fear) and have been loving the results.
    Inez Cox
  • The Integrated Empath is the first course to allow me to get to the root issues holding me back from truly embracing myself, warts and all. Karyn has a blessed ability to help me to stop using excuses to mask my insecurities.
    Debra Lee James, BSN, RN
  • When I came to Karyn for coaching, I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. Not only did she help me to see it was the weight of my own baggage and limiting beliefs, Karyn guided me to let it go! Once the weight was off, her unique, intuitive style opened my eyes to new possibilities. Thanks to Karyn’s guidance, I’m back in control and manifesting what I want in my career and life! Thank you, Karyn!
    Steve Sconzert, Professional Speaker & Coach
  • I just wanted to express how much your direction and coaching with regard to my astrology business, and particularly my first summit, helped me! I would definitely not be where I am at this point without your clarity and guidance! Your ability to pin point the one thing that was holding me back gave me the courage to step into the fear and create wealth in my business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Sally Boyd, Activated Astrology
  • Karyn inspired me to have the courage to align my passion in health & wellness with my career. It's been a lifelong dream to achieve. Karyn was instrumental in assisting me to finally stop allowing my underlying fear & self doubt to dictate my life. I was finally able to take action by posting videos on health, leadership and values to convey my mission and purpose to my network on Facebook and LinkedIn. Through Karyn's private coaching I developed the framework to propel me forward, and my experience has been nothing less than phenomenal!!! I am so grateful for Karyn's support and dedication in my journey of self discovery!
    Claudia Grace, Regener8
  • Karyn is one of the most supportive and caring coaches that I have ever worked with. She encourages you with kindness and compassion and always has thoughtful and relevant insights. I highly recommend Karyn as an intuitive coach for empaths and sensitive people. Karyn's guidance and encouragement with setting healthy boundaries helped me to feel empowered in my relationships. Karyn helped me in understanding energies (my own and other people's) and how to navigate them. Her intuitive support and direction helped me focus on my own needs and wants, so I could finally take steps towards living my life's purpose. After learning how to trust my intuition, I manifested a scholarship for my daughter to attend a prestigious private school and landed a higher position in my company with more pay and less stress - within just three months. I am so grateful.
  • I had reached a point where I knew I couldn't progress without help. I finally have the tools and knowledge to make clearer, inspired intuitive choices for a better life. I have more courage to stand in my own light because I now see how bright it shines. Taking Karyn's program will open a whole new world where you can learn to not let any blocks get in your way. If you've ever wished for an angel guide, you'll find one in Karyn. Kind in her honesty and direct in guidance when needed, she is an amazingly gifted empath with intelligent, heart-centered leadership.
    Jen Johnson
  • Karyn Kulenovic is a highly skilled flower essence alchemist and awakened intuitive who I highly recommend. She will personally consult with you for several months and design an affordable package that includes monthly consults around your energetic makeup and what you want to manifest.
    Dr. Michael R. Smith, Empath Connection
  • Karyn thank you so much for your support over the years, helping me achieve a fulfilling life. Your open heart, intuition and amazing skills have been a wonderful combination for a positive outcome for me.
    Thérèse, Australia

About Karyn

As a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mental & Emotional Release® (MER) and Hypnotherapy, Karyn facilitates fast and lasting transformation. Unlike other coaches and therapies that just focus on taking action or rehashing the past, Karyn uses proven processes that help you identify and release mental and emotional blocks at the unconscious level.

Karyn uses a combination of Education, Coaching, Energy Healing, and Integrative Psychology to help her clients accelerate their path to greater levels of joy, ease and prosperity.

Karyn has built her business around personal connection and results-oriented support. She serves clients both locally and internationally from her home in Carlsbad, California.

You are invited to Schedule a Complimentary 30-min Consultation or send a message via the Contact Page. You'll hear back within 24 hours to set up a time to discuss your most immediate goals and concerns. Once you have your initial consultation, we can identify the most suitable options to get you moving in the right direction. There are a variety of packages available to serve your lifestyle needs and goals.  


Professional Certifications:

  • B.A. in Literature & Writing Studies
  • Clear Teaching Credential in Secondary Education
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Master Level Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release® (MER)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Association for Integrative Psychology Affiliate


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