Here’s why it’s hard to create abundance and freedom in your life!

You say you’re ready for those miracles to happen this year, but if you track your hours, you’d see that most of the time isn’t on taking real steps toward your dreams. For many, these precious dream seeds are floating around in their minds like dandelion seeds, not knowing where to land. The possibilities are there but the focused action is not. This is the difference between blowing a dandelion and planting a seed.

Here’s how you know if you’re on the right track.

Are you taking steps toward your dreams everyday?

Follow me here because this isn’t meant to put you on the defensive. I’m trying to show you a new way.

Minutes, hours and days pass, and you still haven’t used your most valuable resources: your own energy, emotions, and intuition to create the life you want. This makes your dreams seem out of reach! It’s really doing it the hard way — Alone!

Wouldn’t it be great to step out of the bubble of self care and into something beyond survival… into joy, freedom, prosperity? To create exactly what you want sooner than later?

What if I told you I could help you?

If you would step into action and accept the support, you could accelerate your progress that much faster.

Question: Do you want to be happy?

Sadly, this is when most people start talking themselves out of their dreams.

The answer usually starts like this:

“I can’t right now because… [insert limitation here]”

The challenge is, you never get past your limitations if you don’t allow yourself to do it now.

Timing, money, and people are just circumstances. They are the excuses that keep people stuck in resistance to the very things they want in life. It’s hard to think beyond the problem when you’re so close to it. So let me help you!

You can break free.

Dreams are realized by those who know how to get the help they need to make change happen.

It may feel like you’re starting before you’re ready, or stepping out of your comfort zone, but that’s actually a prerequisite to expanding your reality. It’s also a simple secret to highly successful people. There are benefits to just DOing it.

If you’re going to do something BIG, you never really feel ready. That’s all very normal. A byproduct of doing transformational work is that you’re both exhilarated and scared at the same time.

Creating abundance and freedom simply requires you to start. Whether you want to start a business, lose weight, or just be happy, we all have to start somewhere. And usually it’s without the very things that we desire to have. Use that contrast as a springboard to moving into action towards what you DO want.

You ARE good enough. You DO deserve the absolute best that life has to offer. The Universe DOES have your back and will deliver your miracles when you know to call them forth.

Your destiny is waiting for your cue!

Much Love,



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