The other day, one of my clients asked,
“Why can’t I seem to finish anything?
I have all these great ideas but nothing to show for them.”

This is a sneaky sort of self-sabotage that disguises
itself as busy-ness, still deciding, or making it “just right.”

They all seem like the usual blocks to completion.
The trouble is . . . this way of being keeps powerful sensitives
stuck in limbo — with little or no results.
And a whole lot of frustration.

So what is beneath the disguise?

Fear. Fear wears many faces. For many Empaths, it often comes from a very deep place. A place they may have never even put words to that continues to hold them back.

The active imagination and memory of a sensitive is extensive. And it is important to use that depth and intensity to CREATE rather than ruminate.

Using your soul gifts to your advantage instead of disappearing down the rabbit hole of what if’s is the difference between Empaths who are living their truth and those who are still undercover.

The truth?

The truth can seem mysterious at times
Yet it remains at the heart of who you are.
Once the disguises are acknowledged and cleared,
Your soul-truth is free to shine through–
First in glimmers and on toward full radiance!
The truth is you are talented,
You have SO much to offer,
It is SAFE to be YOU and
You are WORTHY of abundance.

Why am I sharing this?
There are many sensitives out there who are waiting for permission to BE who they are and do the work they are called to do. With each passing month (and year), the call gets louder and harder to ignore. Can you relate to this?

There is a reason for that!
The desire you feel is connected to your purpose–
That is no mistake, no coincidence.

The thing is… you don’t get to experience the rewards unless you have the courage to take real steps towards your dreams and see them through to completion. It doesn’t mean you have all of the answers. It means you move 20% and the universe rises up to support you the other 80%.

You must LEAD that shift.

Your endeavors may not be perfect, but they will be DONE. And from there, you can always course correct and continue to grow. Living out your truth is NOT about being perfect.

And THIS is what my clients get to work into and transform
sooner rather than later.

What is on the other side of the frustration and fear?
Are you ready to find out?

If you’re up for the challenge, I’m here to support you. The only difference between Empaths who are living their truth and those who are still undercover is the courage to act on what lies in their heart.

Much Love,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

Photo credit: Smithsonian Magazine

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