Happy March!

Are you ready as I am to flip the calendar to a brand new month?

February was a challenging month for me. It was one of those months when a handful of unplanned situations came up. Not to mention, a couple of people were quite literally eclipsed from my life.

My old self would’ve been paralyzed, doubting my abilities and my intuition… Instead, I connected with my inner wisdom, put my healing tools into action, and continued moving forward, adjusting to the ever-changing tide.

How do you react when life doesn’t go as planned?

No matter how much money, time or love you have in your life, difficulties will arise. Challenges don’t mean that you’re doing anything wrong. They are a part of life. The way you approach these tough moments is what distinguishes you as a victim or a victor, so remain in peace and love. Don’t be intimidated by the people or circumstances that challenge you. Trust that Spirit will use them to refine the very contents of your soul… if you allow them to.

I love this quote by Wayne Dyer:


The same principle applies to you: when someone puts pressure on you, says something unbecoming or unfavorable, be conscious of how you respond — inwardly and outwardly. If positivity is what you want to give and receive, you are divinely supported when you choose to embody the energy of love and joy. The difficult people and situations in your life are there for a reason. It’s nothing you need to figure out. You simply need to approach each challenging situation in peace. When things get hard, it’s easy to believe that things are not working in your favor, but don’t let these temporary people and circumstances steal your joy.

If you were to look back on your life, you’d see that if it weren’t for those people who questioned you, doubted you, betrayed you, or spoke unkindly of you, you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to push through and see how amazingly strong you are.

Spirit can use difficult people and situations to uplift us and get us to where we are meant to be. So have heart when you are under pressure. Trust that Spirit has infinite wisdom and can see the entire picture. That you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now, and that the rough spots are moving you toward something greater.


A diamond — the hardest natural mineral on Earth — is not created without intense heat and pressure. In fact, these are the very catalysts of the diamond’s unbreakable, radiant essence. When you experience those hard times, know that your beauty and strength are being shaped by Spirit and persevere in Faith.

A few practical tips to soar through challenges: 

  • Continue to trust your gut feelings (thoughts, dreams, physical sensations, intuitive information from random sources that “speak” to the issue) and use these to navigate these situations instead of looking for approval or needing to be right.
  • When in doubt, stop and connect to your breath by sitting in silence.
  • Affirmations can be helpful in redirecting your thoughts to the energy of love.
  • Self-care, self-care, self-care!!! (Amp up the SC when times get tough)

If you think about it, every great story wouldn’t be nearly as incredible without the evil stepmother or the arrogant suitor. YOU are the hero of your own story. Let the antagonists of your life give you the opportunity to shine your light even brighter.

Much Love,



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