I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Palm Springs with my business mentor and entrepreneurial colleagues, and it was an incredibly rich experience!

At dinner one night, my colleague and dear friend Deanne and I were chatting, and she really opened up about how she doesn’t know how to comfortably bring her spiritual gifts into her coaching business.

Deanne is such a beautiful and intelligent person… but she shared something with me that I have heard SO many times from the women in my community:

“I have to admit… there’s not a day that goes by when, at some point, I think about my spiritual gifts – and I feel like I’m still HIDING.”

I share this because I realize you have been wanting to FINALLY stop playing small and know that if you could just clear out those old energetic/emotional patterns, you would be in such a better place.

For this reason, I am committed to helping women just like Deanne (and you, if you can relate!) to finally feel confident about sharing their unique soul gifts.

Fast forward to after our gourmet Italian dinner, and we were headed to a local drum circle at The Crystal Fantasy. To our disappointment it had been cancelled, but the shop owners were generous and allowed us to play in their shop until well after closing time.

Our magical little girls were in their element!!! Dressed in our corporate casual biz attire, selecting new crystal treasures and wishing paper, it all seemed funny yet absolutely perfect! None of us fit the mold, and it was divine.

What’s wild to me is that none of us would’ve been able to experience this connection had we not had the courage to open up and BE REAL about who we are as spiritual beings.

Most women wait YEARS before realizing that expressing their soul out in the world is key to living a life that’s AUTHENTIC and CONNECTED.

And if they could simply find the courage to take the next step they would be closer to a life of sweet surprises… drums, fairies and soul sisters included! (or whatever ‘sweet’ is to you!)

Let’s connect you back to your soul’s essence with an easy, consistent plan that will have you feeling inspired and on purpose SOONER rather than later!

Celebrating the Real You,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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