What happens when you are the REAL you?
Have you ever wondered about this?

Chances are, you have.
(We introspective ones are known to do a lot of thinking!)

When you are authentically YOU…

People may judge you.
They may misunderstand you.

They may walk away from you.

And yep, encountering those uncomfortable
reactions is not that enticing, I agree.

But remember, EVERYTHING is leading you to your destiny.

Those judgements absolutely WILL occur.
And yet, they are a necessary part of the path
to expressing who you REALLY are.

One my clients, Lisa, is a psychotherapist who works with children. When she decided she was ready to focus on working with empaths and highly sensitive littles, she was concerned about being judged, misunderstood or even losing potential clients.

Guess what?

All of the above happened on some level at first…

Fortunately, Lisa had support. She courageously owned her new direction and allowed others to have their own reactions to her Truth.

As a result, Lisa felt confident and free to focus on deeply serving the clients she could best serve with her unique expertise and wisdom as an empath.

Now, Lisa has more clients and prospects than she can fit into her schedule!

I share this with you because it is a powerful example
of how being authentic activates your abundance.

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Authenticity = Abundance

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There is no shortcut.
It takes courage and commitment to get to the gold.

The good news is… Support is available all around you.
In fact, you’ve been receiving intuitive nudges that have been guiding you toward your authentic self.
Have you been listening to the signals?

If you are ready to stop playing it safe and start taking action from your authentic, abundant self, Click Here to book directly into my calendar.

Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

Shine Bright,




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    • Merril

      Karyn, I want to thank you so much for your generosity in offering your Integrated Empath Masterclass Series free to all of us! It was wonderful! I am so grateful to you. You did a superb job of gathering together such an impressive group of teachers & healers to share their insights with us!
      With love & blessings, Merril

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