I remember this moment like it was yesterday…

I was sitting in a room of over 200 entrepreneurs when the emotional energy of the group dropped.

We had started working on goal setting – specifically income, and this triggered a lot of people.

Everything had been peaceful up until that point, no weird energies.

But suddenly, I could feel the anxiety and resistance bubbling up for everyone. People were quietly scribbling notes on pages but there was a heaviness that descended a few feet below the ceiling. The very air quality changed.

Unfortunately, this collective fear settled right in the pit of my stomach.

This had once been an excuse for avoiding these types of gatherings in the first place!

In the past, my aching belly may have caused me to leave in that moment and convince myself that such events were no place for a sensitive person like me.

However, being equipped to manage my experience of others’ emotions made all the difference.

So what did I do in that moment?

I decided to work with the energy. I discreetly placed my hands on my stomach and began sending healing through my hands to myself. A colleague of mine, a fellow Reiki Master, had also felt the room drop and noticed what I was doing. We silently blanketed the room with light and were relieved as the change occurred.

I share this with you because external energy drain can be a real struggle for sensitive souls. When you add in the newness of building an unconventional business, these are two of the top reasons why Sensitives procrastinate on taking steps toward creating connections and real income doing their life’s work.

Here’s the truth:
There is an ember burning in your heart that if you were to simply breathe life into it would ignite your divine purpose…

The one you’ve carried for many years.
The one you intend to fulfill in this life.
The one where your true wealth awaits.

The promises you make to yourself are important.

When you have the intention and courage to step into new territory, the path is not always smooth but the journey will take you to amazing places.

I want you to get the MOST out of each and every day this year so nothing limits you from fulfilling your true Purpose.

Divine timing starts with YOU in each and every moment.
So don’t wait!

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