Cookies at midnight was a sure sign that something in my energy was a bit off!

Standing in the dim light of the kitchen
as the rest of the house
was blanketed in peaceful stillness,
a wave of sadness washed over me –
and I suddenly realized I was feeling scared.

The old voices in my head that whispered in the backdrop of my busy waking hours were now demanding my attention:

– What if you can’t do it?
– What if you fail?

– You don’t have enough time!

You know,
this is the same committee of voices that shows up
as soon as you decide you want to do something great.
And they are always right on time, like clockwork!

You see, I’ve come up with some pretty fantastic goals to bring to life in the next several months. And I’m over-the-moon excited!!!

While I believe in myself and am connected to my soul’s purpose, there are still those moments where I catch myself in wounded child mode. This is when I have to reassure that sweet, scared little girl that she is POWERFUL, she is WORTHY, and she can do anything her heart desires!

Shifting into the Empowered Adult is what is needed to put the cookies away and get on with creating a new day.


Just know that you’re not alone, and that every time you decide to uplevel your life in some way, this committee usually shows up. These are the voices of your ego. The ones that are driven by fear and control. They aren’t bad. They aren’t abnormal.

They’re simply NOT the ones you want to listen to for too long, unless you want to find yourself eating cookies at midnight! (You know what I mean)

When you decide to take action on your dreams, investing in supportive mentors and teammates who help keep you focused, motivated, and on-fire with purpose are invaluable travelers on the journey to your dreams.

You don’t have to do this work alone.

But YOU are the only one that can make that CHOICE.


Once you know how to create a new environment with your energy, you are able to stand in your power and do great things.

It gives you the security that no matter what happens, you can create the life you want.

It gives you the power to reach the people who need you the most.

You can breakthrough what’s holding you back and start forging ahead with what you came here to do.

To Your Freedom,




P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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