I hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits.

It’s been a while, and some of you have reached out to say hello  and inquire about what’s next…

It’s so nice to be appreciated, thank you! 

My focus has been on my Integrated Empath Academy clients who started their journey in September. What an amazing group of lightworkers!

I’ve also been working on something special for YOU.
It’s called More Joy Less Stress: A Pre-Holiday Series for Sensitive Souls.

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Many self-aware empaths know when they need to shift their thoughts and emotions. But some still struggle with HOW to do that.

That’s why I’ll be sharing tips on how to use the Bach flower essences — a powerful self-healing modality — to support your emotional well being through the upcoming holiday season.

Instead of being drained or stuck, you will be equipped with easy, natural ways to raise your energetic vibration so you can enJOY what’s left of 2018!

You don’t need to sign up for this series. Simply keep an eye on your inbox for the weekly video starting next Sunday.

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