Some of you have been asking for a Flower Remedy “Cheat Sheet,”
And I’m happy to say it’s READY!!!

But first, today’s video:

Watch Video #40 of the More Joy Less Stress Series for Sensitive Souls to discover some unexpected facts about the Bach Flower Remedies. I also clear up some common misconceptions:

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I’m excited to share that The Bach Flower Remedy Reference Guide is now READY and available for purchase!!

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This Downloadable Flower Essence Cheat Sheet provides user-friendly access to ALL 38 Flower Remedy Descriptions, Video Lessons, and Images in one convenient guide, so you can enjoy more clarity in choosing the appropriate remedies for you or your loved ones. ($125)

PLUS Two Bonus Gifts!

  1. Karyn’s Flower Essence Blend video tutorial on how to create a mixture bottle according to Bach standards using your selected remedies. ($25 value)
  2. One 15-minute Flower Remedy Reading with Karyn: get specific answers to your questions about which remedies are right for you. ($45)

$195 Value

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Buy Now!

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Abundant Blessings,





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P.S. In last week's video, we covered Bach Rescue Remedy, the most widely used homeopathic stress relief remedy worldwide. To revisit information on Rescue Remedy Click Here.

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