I want to have a hard conversation with you today.

As a transformational leader, I’m committed to illuminating that which is holding you down, and holding you back,

and showing you EXACTLY what alignment, prosperity, and power look like and feel like.

By the same token, I’m committed to sharing what they don’t.

I mentioned on a recent webinar that your ability to hold the energy of abundance has everything to do with the relationship you cultivate within yourself. It has nothing to do with your current circumstances. That’s the old way.

So I received a question the following day from an anonymous individual in response to the offer in my webinar. (And I know if this person was having this thought, she probably isn’t the only one.)

This person boldly asked:

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“How can you charge so much?”

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This question speaks volumes about her belief systems.

And I want to use it as a coaching moment today to help you shift your perspective, especially if you can relate to her on some level.

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Here is what’s important to notice in the subtext of that question:

  1. This woman has a belief in her mind that ties a person who offers high value services to being greedy or out of integrity.
  2. She believes that one should give their unique offerings away at a very low cost.
  3. She believes that people who offer their services and products for a high value somehow results in more poverty in the world.
  4. In summary, she believes one should not become abundant by offering high-value services that don’t fit the conventional paradigm.

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If you are reading this, you know on some level that you are NOT meant to blend in.
Instead, you are meant to step outside of the conventional paradigm of money, service, and spirituality to make a big difference in the world.

However, it is precisely these types of accusatory questions that keep you playing small, or worse, not at all. That question embodies the outdated paradigm that associates money with guilt and shame — two of the lowest energetic vibrations out there.

The truth is, you can be both spiritual and abundant. 🙂
What the video above to find out how.

With Love,

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