One question I’m often asked is:

How do I get back into the higher vibrations?

One way to sustain higher vibrations (feeling good) is to acknowledge the emotions that are there instead of trying to escape them or judge them.

Whether our feelings are sparked by outside circumstances or negative self talk, part of being in the higher vibrations is having the ability to move through these emotions instead of being blocked by them.

In other words, FEEL your feelings.

Easier said than done, I know.

Rather than deny or deflect, why not acknowledge what hurts you or irks you and let it move through you. The darker aspects of what you experience are just as important as the lighter ones. So don’t be too hard on yourself for being human and experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions.

You are a sensitive, intuitive, magical being!

And you are human. There is no shame in experiencing natural human emotion, universal to us all. So don’t be ashamed of the “not so nice” feelings that are seeking your attention. If you heed their call, you get to move on faster. If you resist paying attention, they will keep coming back in unpleasant ways… and that’s no fun.

Your emotions can be one of your greatest assets if you allow them to be.
FEEL them, thank them, and find the opportunity in them.
That way, you’re less likely to reach for food, TV or other distractions.

Here’s how you need to think to RISE ABOVE low energy emotions:

: What if your capacity to experience higher vibrations is connected to this very emotion you
are struggling with?

: How can you turn this emotion into an opportunity for growth and awareness?

: Be compassionate with yourself (just as you would a dear friend).

: Sometimes you have to go into those uncomfortable emotions to create change.

: Feeling your feelings will allow you to begin the process of integrating them. This goes for
positive as well as negative emotions.


It is not always the appropriate time or place to process your feelings, so make the time and space to honor your emotions and connect to them in a safe environment — whether it’s talking it out with a friend, listening to a song, writing in your journal, etc. There are many ways to attend to whatever is in need of healing or celebration, and there are many times you may need to do this.

The good news is:

A byproduct of consistently honoring your feelings is FREEDOM because you will have more bandwidth to be who YOU ARE.

Imagine how much JOY awaits on the other side once you start integrating your emotions!
The joy and abundance is always there.

Much Love,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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