I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season! Can you feel the excitement in the air? It literally puts a smile on my face! 🙂 My kids are on winter break now, and we are in full holiday mode now with parties, caroling, baking, shopping, and tying up the year’s loose ends. ALL great things, yet super BUSY!

Can I ask you a personal question… As you approach year’s end, are you feeling relaxed and in sync with your wants and needs?

This morning, as I blended my protein shake, a message came through loud and clear:

“Take care of yourself.’

Plain and simple… Yet loud and clear. This is a very busy time of year, and it’s easy to be bombarded by to-do lists, holiday obligations, and high expectations.

I’m a pretty grounded person, but I have to admit… at times, I think about my own life – and feel like I could be doing more.

The truth is, I absolutely could. The question is, how would that serve my highest good?

I share this because I realize you have many responsibilities… You have needs and goals, too. There’s a lot on your plate and at times it’s overwhelming.

It can be hard to step away from it all and take time to honor your sensitivity, your need for silence and stillness. And at the same time, it’s essential. It’s in the stepping away that you free up your energy to recharge and come back more productive, more inspired, and more relaxed!

When was the last time you checked in with yourself? This is a gentle reminder to make time of your wellness.

Here are a few simple ways to Make Time for YOU:

  • Be selective with your commitments and say ‘no’ to the rest without guilt.
  • Spend your time and money on things that matter to YOU.
  • Take breaks (from work, from your kids, from DOing) throughout the day to recharge with a stroll outside or a mug of hot cocoa.
  • Eat healthy meals and exercise no matter how busy you are– your body will thank you for it! Set a timer if that helps.
  • Let go of some control and give yourself permission to outsource tasks. Sometimes spending that extra bit of $ is well worth the investment to minimize the stress of overdue tasks.
  • Resist the urge to multitask. I know it’s tempting! When you FOCUS on one thing at a time– you are more mindful of what you are doing, which actually makes you more productive in the end. You will also feel more centered.

I hope you find these reminders helpful. Remember, you don’t have to do it all today!

Take care of yourself and you will have more energy to enJOY the holidays and finish out the year strong.

Much Love,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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