I almost didn’t post this because it’s so personal. However, this has been on my mind the past couple of weeks… a memory and a struggle that I endured as a teenager.

When bad things happen to good people, it’s easy to get bogged down by our emotions and feel like a victim… And in this particular circumstance, I actually was.

It was the beginning of my junior year in high school, and I was voted the Homecoming Princess. Later that same year, I was raped by someone I knew and trusted, my then-boyfriend the “prince.”

This experience shook me to my core. And I learned at a very early age that painful situations can bring out people’s true colors. The same people who had voted me Homecoming Princess and cheered from the stands were the same ones who doubted the truth of what had happened to me and spread hurtful rumors.

I share this with you today as a reminder that no matter what you’ve been through or what is going on for you now, you STILL get to choose your battles and where you want to put your energy. 

As a 16 year-old girl, I chose NOT to convince my peers and naysayers of the truth. Instead I put my energy into graduating high school with honors, writing, volunteering at rape survivor groups, and speaking at local events on this topic to help others.

Whether it’s a physical condition, an accident, an injustice, a disagreement, you still get to decide what you will do with your focus. YOU determine what the result is.

It’s easy to think that life is against us when tragedy or difficult times hit.

There is a natural falling away of old things as you evolve on your spiritual journey. Often times this evolution is sparked by so-called tragedies or challenges, which usually sets us up for better things in the long run. There WILL be those who don’t support you or may not understand what you’re going through even if they want to. Trust that Spirit uses these times to show us the truth of our relationships, as well as our inner strength.

There is a deeper layer that comes with trying times, and those are the shadows that insert themselves as silent passengers on your journey. So be mindful of what you carry with you. Many people who have been hurt deeply automatically want to help others before helping themselves because it is easier than looking within. However, it leaves very little room for healing to take place. Do what’s in YOUR highest good. It is not selfish. It is smart. And if you need some assistance releasing old, stuck emotions, Click HERE to schedule a time to chat with me.

Much Love,



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