Everyone (including me!) has been talking about having BIG dreams and setting your intentions for 2017. It’s smart to have a plan and tactics to achieve your goals. However…

When taking action towards your dreams, there’s a key piece to bring to light: Your Shadow.

The shadow has a bad reputation… After all, it’s dark, it’s faceless, it’s menacing.

The shadow is also very powerful. There is profound power held within your darkness, and that’s the purpose of this message. This is a reminder that dealing with your shadow is an essential part of accomplishing your goals and experiencing more joy this year.

Before I knew about shadow work, I thought I was a bad person, and spent way too much time and energy trying to hide who I really was. It was a lot of work–with very little return on investment!

The shadow represents the dark side of us that we hide from ourselves and the world, the parts of us that come out when we feel stressed, overwhelmed, or even when we are reaching for something BETTER. That’s why it’s important to remember our shadow as we step into the light. The shadow can manifest in many unsightly ways such as blame, neediness, selfishness, judgment, bullying, self-sabotage, etc.

Darth Vader personifies the Shadow. He’s the one I call to mind to help my kids make sense of the depth of their darker emotions. Sometimes they need to acknowledge their feelings of jealousy toward their sibling and ask for extra attention (usually cuddles!). Afterwards, they are able to move on free of negative emotions, and nobody gets hurt! If only it were that easy…

As adults, our minds are less like clean slates and more like labyrinths, so it’s not as easy to find and claim these shadow aspects as our own.

The shadow is persistent and lies in wait for an opportunity to be SEEN, so it can reflect back to us our vast depth and power…to help us grow to a higher level. The subconscious protectively conceals our shadow aspects until we are ready to consciously acknowledge, heal and integrate them into who we are. If we are not aware of the shadow’s presence, sadly, it can derail our dreams.

I share this because I know you have been wanting to start fresh and and FINALLY make your dreams a reality this year.

Remember, you are at the root of ALL of your experiences and this requires you to take FULL responsibility for what has worked and not worked in your life. Dream fulfillment is not for the faint of heart. The shadow makes sure you are ready to stand in the fire for yourself, and ultimately bring more awareness and self-love into your heart. Only then, can you truly receive the fruits of your focus.

Trying to ignore or deny your shadow doesn’t work, as these aspects will manifest in some other unpleasant way… If you want to build your dreams in the light, you must be willing to acknowledge those darker emotions or memories within you. Only then can they be transmuted into something greater. That’s how the victim emerges as the healer.

What shadow aspects do you need to come to terms with? Is it the insecure child, the martyr, the victim, the judge, the know-it-all?

Did you know you can find inner peace and answers by making space for your shadow to coexist with your light?

Here are a few simple ways to tame your shadow:
For example, if you start comparing yourself to someone else and feeling envious: 1.) Notice the feeling of unworthiness underneath. 2.) Flip it into a positive truth statement, “I AM worthy of success.” 3.) Lastly, put your energy into that truth and take action.

Embracing your shadow aspects is an integral part of dream creation because it helps free up your energy to focus on what you want. When your emotions are held captive by your shadow, your life will reflect that. Take this as a signal that there is a part of you in need of attention and healing.

When you choose to accept the gifts that your shadow can bring forth, you will prevent the dark side from eclipsing your light. When you bravely shed light on your fears, your pain, your flaws, your sticking points, and your failures, you will expand your power ten-fold.

Which shadow aspects do YOU wish to heal and embrace in a new way this year?

Coming from a place of wholeness and empowerment allows you to use these darker aspects to fuel your dreams.

Much Love,


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