It’s OK to be rich in ALL ways–
In mind, body, spirit, career, finances, relationships, etc.

But in today’s tumultuous times, it can seem unrealistic
to manifest a reality of joy and abundance–
whether it be a loving relationship, a fulfilling business, 
or even a new house or car.

We worry that it’s superficial, selfish or excessive
to desire abundance in life when there is so much
conflict and suffering going on all around us.

Watch Life By Design Video #52 to stop feeling guilty for wanting more, and start seeing the gifts that come when you step into your abundance.

When it comes to joy, wealth, or goodness, you do NOT need to DO something in order to deserve it.

There is an inherent awareness of joy and love that you’ve always possessed in your heart. As an empath, your heart naturally goes out to those suffering or in need.

But you must choose to center your awareness of your inherent entitlement of life’s riches, in order to utilize your ability to SOURCE abundance – no matter what’s going on around you.

In other words, BE an energetic complement to the outcomes you want. Start by familiarizing yourself with the states of joy and abundance by trying on those joyful and abundant experiences TODAY.


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