Happy November! 

Have you ever sent out communication with the best of intentions– 
Only to NOT have it reciprocated?

We’ve all be there, and that can be hard.

In today’s heavily-saturated online communication, it’s common for messages to be overlooked or postponed for one reason or another–by even the most conscientious people.

In fact, I’ve heard of this happening on more than three occasions in the past couple of weeks, so I created this message to help you avert unnecessary energy drain.

Watch Life By Design Video #53 to stop reading into communication gaps and start expecting (and manifesting) good things!

False conclusions do happen, so don’t be hard on yourself for having a moment!

Just remember that… 
You are worthy. 
You are loved. 
You deserve abundant happiness.

When you BELIEVE these truths about yourself, it’s easy to fend off false conclusions, and rest assured that there will be a favorable outcome.

Until next time,

P.S. A special online event for highly sensitive and intuitive children is in the works and will launch Nov. 13th, 2020! Learn more HERE.

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