Happy mid-November! 

I hope you’ve been finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.

Every autumn and solar return, I experience a deep reflective period, and this year’s energies have proven to be even more potent (no surprise there).

In the past few weeks, Spirit has turned my focus backwards in time through songs, memories, fragrances, and feelings I had all but forgotten because the life I live today is so different from the one I experienced in my younger years.

There were tears of joy and sorrow, laughter, and conversations with friends and family, as well as quiet moments of leafing through old photos, journals and letters, remembering how life had been, the energy of my earliest years.

And I really wanted to hug my younger self, 
that precious, open-hearted, vibrant, gentle child. 

Today, I’m deeply grateful for my sensitivity, my intuition, my fighting spirit. 
Grateful for the grace of God, the guidance of my Angels, and the love of my friends and family. 
Grateful that now I know my own worth.

Watch Life By Design Video #54 for a glimpse of my experience and lessons as a highly sensitive and intuitive empath child. 

The disappointments and struggles in your history are no indication that you are destined to live out those patterns.

Part of the empath journey is learning to appreciate and amplify the positive lessons, as well as heal and release the negativity. Only then, can you own your worth and step into who you are meant to be — apart from any past or present person or circumstance.

I hope you celebrate how far you have come and take a moment to give your younger self a big hug today!


P.S. The Integrated Empath Child World Summit launched on Nov. 13th, 2020! Don’t miss out!

    2 replies to "[LBD #54] On Being an Empath Child"

    • Merril Lynn

      Karyn, your talk on episode 54 was amazing…and beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. You are eloquent and so insightful. Keep up your selfless work. It is an honor to ‘know’ you & hear your open-hearted teachings.

      • Karyn Kulenovic

        Merril, thank you for connecting and sharing your thoughts. I’m glad this message spoke to your heart.

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