Don’t stop dreaming!

No matter how your circumstances might look at the moment.

Both your mind AND your spirit do best 
when there is a clear outcome to track.

And perhaps you’d like to have something to feel excited about again!

Emotional energy is the lifeblood of manifestation. So if you’ve been feeling in a bit of a slump lately, that’s ok. Just remember that high-vibe manifestations do not match with “just-enough, so-so” vibrations.

So what can you do to shift your energy?

Watch Life By Design Video #55 to see how simple it can be to start expecting (and manifesting) good things!

Here’s a recap of the basic steps below so you can try it:

1) Reconnect and recommit to a desire outcome by imagining or visualizing it.

2) Release any disbelief and negative emotion connected to your desired outcome. Stop being available for the bare minimum. Love and value yourself so much that you decide you’re no longer available for what you’ve been settling for.

3) Embody the desired outcome with high-vibrational emotions and physical sensations that align with having what you want. Manifestation is always happening. The good news is you can shift your experience by simply recalibrating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies to higher frequencies. The manifestations may take a bit of time to reach you, but in the meantime, know how essential your belief is to ANY physical reality you create. When you do your part to believe in what you want and take action from that perspective, you can truly design your life with intention and joy.

As a highly sensitive and intuitive being, you are at an advantage when it comes to quickly and easily manifesting results. Just make sure they are the outcomes you really want!


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