Have you ever struggled with something that you absolutely KNEW 
was for your benefit, but somehow weren’t able to actually follow through with it?

This type of “stuckness” occurs when people are out of sync with 
their unconscious mind, which controls 95% of everything you do.

Yes everything.

People stuck in conditioned responses and old ways of being, 
have temporarily lost touch with the deeper part of themselves 
that has ALL the answers.

One way to change this is to enlist the assistance of your unconscious mind. 
It’s the unseen powerhouse behind all transformation. 

One of the ways to access the unconscious mind is through neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis. However, I’ve found that there are many impressions of hypnotherapy, specifically, that simply aren’t true.

Watch Life By Design video #65 to clear up some of the common misconceptions about hypnotherapy and the unconscious mind.

There is a vast space for profound transformation when you bring your unconscious mind on board. And you can do this in whatever way that feels right to you.

You are meant for more.

Now go get it!

Much Love,

P.S. I’m here to support you! Here are some of the ways I work with my clients:

  1. The Mindset to Manifestation Digital Course to learn how to change your experience by changing your mind.
  2. The Rapid Breakthrough Intensive for quick and powerful transformation.
  3. NLP, MER® and Hypnotherapy Services to achieve transformational results for a variety of situations. 

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