Sometimes past thoughts and emotions
can take up waaaaay more space than they need to. 

Why does this happen?

In short, there are moments, emotions, and decisions
that exist beyond the limited scope of your conscious memory.

When you’re feeling blocked around something that you truly want, it often indicates a deeply embedded emotion or belief that started a looooong time ago. Sometimes it’s due to an event that occurred before you even had the ability to understand it; Other times, it’s because you chose a belief in a certain situation — and it has stuck with you like a shadow ever since.  

Watch Life By Design video #68 for 3 signs that you are carrying old subconscious baggage and 3 ways you can release past negativity.  

You have learned so much from ALL your life experience, especially the more difficult ones.

So keep the lessons and release the rest.
Lugging your limitations everywhere you go in life simply does not work.

Won’t it feel SO much better when you let go of the baggage and keep the lessons?

You can work with a clean slate if you CHOOSE to…


P.S. I’m here to support you! Here are some of the ways I help my clients let go of old patterns and unlock their potential

  1. The Mindset to Manifestation Digital Course.
  2. The Rapid Breakthrough Intensive a 26-step process for fast and thorough transformation of stubborn problems.
  3. NLP, MER® and Hypnotherapy Services for healing with the power of the unconscious mind.

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