In the past few weeks, I’ve shared some key points
about the origin and effects of limiting beliefs.

In today’s video, I’m sharing how to flip your limiting beliefs right-side-up
so you can start creating your life from positive possibilities.

Watch Life By Design Video #43 to start making these small yet powerful inner shifts today.

Remember, your internal world directs your outer experience.

So, the faster you transform those tired, old limiting beliefs,
the more power you have to amplify the inherent light within
and create your empowered, joyful life!


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    2 replies to "[LBD Video #43] Transform Limiting Beliefs Into Positive Possibility"

    • Debra James

      Yeah …. kinda went slip-sliding away from my affirmation. Time to do the work to get from Fake It Till You Make It —> actually making it.

      • Karyn Kulenovic

        Great shift, Debra. It only takes a moment to jump back on track after “slip-sliding” 🙂

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