If you’ve been actively working through some of your inner blocks with all of this downtime we’ve had, congratulations! It takes courage and commitment to focus on yourself in that way.

But sometimes cleaning up your own baggage comes with moments that feel intensely uncomfortable. When looking at your life after doing any kind of transformational work, there is a noticeable cognitive dissonance.

Watch Life By Design Video #47 to understand why irritability is often a part of the self-development path, and what you can do about it today.

Irritation is an emotion with a significant amount of movement to it–
it is a precursor to change and higher mental and emotional states.

This week, make it a point to explore the changes that need to take place in order for you to be an energetic complement to the outcomes you want. Then MAKE those changes. This will familiarize you with the lighter states you desire by creating the conditions and experiences on the outside that will honor all of the changes you’ve made on the inside.


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    • Daun Murphy

      This was helpful, thank you. Please see my new email address below.

      • Karyn Kulenovic

        You’re welcome, Daun. Glad you found this helpful.

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