First, I hope this message finds you safe and living your best life in light of the ever-changing circumstances.

Second, your purpose and dreams live on… no matter what’s happening in the world, so I do have a new video for you today.

In Life By Design Video #28 I share two key elements to create Lasting Change in Uncertain Times. “Lasting change” may seem like an oxymoron at first. It’s simply the difference between slipping back into old behaviors and upleveling to a completely NEW place that aligns with your dreams.

The world feels vastly different today than it did two weeks ago, doesn’t it?

It is a powerful testament to the nature of radical change–
It is not comfortable.
It is not planned.
It can make life unrecognizable in the interim.

The moment when you come out on the other side – as we ALL will –
the sun shines brighter,
you stand a bit taller,
and you suddenly realize you have stepped into a whole new

reality beyond your wildest imagination.

While acknowledging that the recent unplanned changes
have been unsettling on many levels.
Fortunately, there is always that brighter side to look forward to…
and it is NOW that people are stepping up for themselves, for their loved ones
and for humanity in revolutionary ways.

You are not exempt from this change.
You are NOT a bystander.
It is not time to fade into the background.

If fact, these uncertain times give you the extra time
and space to focus on what you may have postponed due
to the busyness of life, pre-coronavirus.

As a highly sensitive empath, you are equipped with specific gifts, experience and insight that make you a powerful creator.

Take a long, deep, breath and reconnect with the fact that there is SO much that you CAN do, be and have… Today!


PS: Are you currently confined to your house? We are here in California. It’s my firm belief that empowerment doesn’t stop during a time like this and if you have the time, you may as well use it to clear old blocks and set yourself up for success.

I’ve opened up a few free Rapid Breakthrough spots to support you in the coming weeks. Simply reply to this email or grab a spot on my calendar, and let’s look at where you’re ready to create change and how I can help you accelerate that process.

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