A “trigger” is defined as “an act or event that
initiates a reaction or series of reactions.”

Triggers seem to carry heavy connotations these days.

And yet, they can do so much MORE
than incite negative emotional reactions.

Watch Life By Design Video #29 to see why it’s important to create positive triggers in your life.

Positive triggers help you spark subconscious signals that will provide a sense of safety, consistency and grounding, while also helping you embody resourceful states that will set you up for success.

As a highly sensitive empath, you can utilize positive triggers or rituals to uplift your mental and emotional energy as you go throughout the day.

What are some of your favorite positive triggers? Comment below, I’d love to hear!


PS: It’s my firm belief that empowerment doesn’t stop during a time like this and if you have the time, you may as well use it to clear stubborn blocks and set yourself up for success.

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