Have you stopped to ask yourself lately:
“What is REALLY stopping me from living my dreams??”

If you are NOT taking action on your goals and dreams,
there are obvious consequences to staying in resistance.

But let’s be honest…

There are also benefits to staying in resistance.

Yes, that’s right.

The trouble is, these false benefits do NOT yield
the positive results you actually WANT.

Perhaps you’re wondering…
“If resistance doesn’t give us the results we want, then why do we do it?”

Watch Life By Design Video #30 to answer that question and uncover the barriers that are actually hidden in plain sight!

Taking FULL responsibility for your emotions, thoughts, words, and actions will position you to move out of resistance and into your own power.

Here are 5 simple questions to help you uncover any false benefits
that may be standing between you and the amazing life you desire:

  1. What goal have I NOT taken action on due to resistance?
  2. What are the FALSE benefits of my inaction/resistance?
  3. What are the REAL costs of my inaction/resistance?
  4. What am I committed to taking action on now?
  5. Do I need help with this? If so, who can I ask?

There is both responsibility and empowerment when you choose to own your energy 100%. Then you have the power to direct your energy as a creative force in your life.

What are you committed to creating now that you have uncovered those sneaky false benefits?


PS: Realizing you need help in clearing those stubborn blocks? I’m here for you. Simply grab a spot on my calendar, and let’s look at where you’re ready to create undeniable positive change in your life.

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