As humans, we are designed to continually seek…
It’s in our innate existence to grow and expand,
so it’s only natural to want more in life.

It’s also in our nature to travel the path
of least resistance and revert to what’s familiar.

And then, there’s the added reality of being empathic and/or highly sensitive.

Whether you’re a seasoned empath or just awakening,
there is a propensity towards maintaining a certain baseline of comfort.
That baseline can be a positive energy management strategy…
until it’s time to create bigger changes in your life.

What may have started as a smart survival tactic,
becomes like the songbird’s cage when the desire TO FLY rises up from within –
and instinctively stops at the door.

There is a fine line between honoring your sensitive nature
and challenging yourself to grow in new and exciting ways.

When people are not making the positive life changes they want,
it’s because a part of them is still choosing to live inside of that familiar, safe baseline.

Watch Life By Design Video #32 for 2 easy steps to help you embody expansion energy today.

Allow yourself to play with the boundaries because
the greater part of you is not designed to live within them!

And the temporary discomfort of stepping out is always worth it in the end!

So, what are your 3 next-level qualities?


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