When you choose to follow your life’s purpose,
there are some things that may make you want to run for the hills-
whether it’s being visible, using your voice, or
creating something that’s never been done before.

It’s a natural human tendency to avoid what causes fear.
But some of these fears are NOT meant to be avoided.

In such instances, your purpose is better served
in rising ABOVE that fear (instead of avoiding it.)

Watch Life By Design Video #35 for a simple way to discern
the deeper message when fear and intuition coincide.

When stepping onto your higher path, you will be required
to stretch yourself in new ways. This type of expansion
cannot be activated in comfortable places.

The power you possess when your actions
are not dictated by fear are limitless.

So, “What is the thing you don’t want to do
that you know you must in order to fulfill your higher purpose?”

Great! Now, go take some action. 🙂

To your success,

PS: Remember, success starts with that very first step!

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