Are your DREAMS too big for your thoughts?
OR are your THOUGHTS too big for your dreams?

In other words, are you leading with your heart or your head?
There’s no right or wrong here…

When it comes to dreams, there are two categories
ambitious sensitives tend to fall into…
the Heart Dreamer or the Head Dreamer.

The Heart Dreamer: has big dreams but lacks the grounding to put into place some of the essential practical systems in order to bring them into form. They have grand ideas but little to no execution of their brilliant seeds of creation.

The Head Dreamer: has amazing, fully attainable dreams but allows their own negative thoughts to overrun their bigger vision. They talk themselves out of it, and look for logical reasons why it won’t work.

If you can identify with one (or both!) of these scenarios, don’t worry.
These are both very workable energies!

Watch Video #1 of the Life By Design Series to see if you are a Heart Dreamer or a Head Dreamer and how to make aligned progress TODAY.


So which kind of dreamer
do you relate to right now?

Comment below, I’d love to hear!

Abundant Blessings,

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