Have you ever hopped on Facebook only to be surprised with a message from an old flame?

I recently had this experience, and it was a clear reminder of how profoundly my life has progressed… When I knew this particular person nearly 15 years ago, I was fragile, insecure, and lost. And so was he.

This was before realizing I didn’t need someone else to make me happy, that I had the power to CREATE whatever I wanted from within.

From this unexpected message, my heart was filled with a mixture of compassion and gratitude. You see, this person expressed that he still deals with the same self-sabotage after all these years, and I felt sad for him. To be honest, for a brief moment, a part of me felt compelled to help. As an empath, that inclination will always be there, but now I know my boundaries.

Thankfully, my life is in brilliant contrast to that distant time lost in the labyrinth of self-sabotage, but I will always remember those dark days, and am thankful to live an empowered life – one in which I take full responsibility for my own destiny.

Since it’s true that each person’s happiness is an inside job, I was able to allow this experience to flow through me (instead of getting stuck in it). That’s why it was easy to share a kind word, a silent blessing, and then disengage from communication with this person.

I share this because it was heartbreaking that this person’s pattern had not changed… after 15 years. It was more of the same trademark insecurity and regret.

The sobering truth is that people will struggle on with the same frustrations until they choose to get the help they need to move on. When you are ready, that’s when the Universe opens the way for you.

What have YOU been tolerating that you are SO ready to leave behind?

That’s why I love this work… I get to help people break free of emotional baggage so they can start healing their lives naturally (without drugs). 

Why does this matter?

Elevating your emotions is a key part of the process of manifestation (and your health). The sooner you start using your emotions to transform your pain points, the sooner you get to live the life you deserve!

Do you believe that?

If you have forgotten this simple truth, let me remind you that your life can accelerate into hyper-speed toward your chosen goal once you get your energy aligned.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re ready to leave those old struggles in the past where they belong, book a free consult and let’s talk!

To Your Freedom,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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