What happens when you get into a funk? What happens when you feel low and you just can’t seem to break out of that dark mood?

We sensitive folks know all too well what that is like… Your energy slows, your vision narrows, and the next thing you know, you’re watching life pass you by because you feel paralyzed.

We’ve all been there.
And just because we are self-aware and spiritual doesn’t mean we are without these rough spots. If anybody says that they don’t have these moments, they are lying. Seriously!

I had one of these moments over the weekend, and what arose from this uncomfortable place was a reminder that I AM as powerful as I allow myself to be. In the end, I realized it was time to delegate some tasks. That was the message on the other side of this energetic speed bump. It slowed me down for a bit, but it did not stop me.

Why am I sharing this?
I want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you if you are met with low energy emotions from time to time. These rough spots are not meant to make you suffer. They are actually an important part of taking your life to the next level. Sometimes such challenges are your spirit signalling a need for change. If these feelings weren’t present, there would be less drive to move forward.

The difference between people who move through tough spots quickly versus those who stay stuck (for weeks, months, or years!) is a matter of perspective. Those who move through more smoothly have learned how to redirect their thoughts and emotional energy to shift out of low energy states. They realize the power is in their hands.

From there, they consciously step out of the current experience and view it from a spiritual perspective. It’s like the eagle soaring in the sky versus the duck wading in a pond. From up high the eagle can take in the big picture and focus on its target rather than searching blindly through murky waters.

I used to spend weeks and months in states of low energy, wishing something would change. I was a victim of whatever circumstance or aspect of my history was being reflected in my external life. My power center was outside of myself. That was before I realized the inseparable connection between the inner and outer worlds. They are one in the same.

When you can reframe any challenge, whether it be a physical illness, a disagreement, a change in plans, a dilemma, or a fear, you position yourself to RISE and operate from your Higher Self.

The question then shifts from “How am I going to make it through this?” to “What do I want to Create?” The sooner you can turn your energy around, the sooner you get to take solid steps to create opportunities for magic in your life.

Much Love,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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