I say this with so much respect and love:
Your sensitivity is NOT an Excuse for putting off your dreams and the life you deserve.

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So, if you can open up for a moment and hear this, perhaps it will make a difference for you.

I am taking a STAND for those of your Powerful yet Sensitive people who are still holding out in the shadows – alone, frustrated and stuck. That is no way to LIVE.

You see, I never want your sensitivity to be the reason why you don’t go after your dreams, open your heart to others, and live out your life purpose.

You may be wishing for something amazing to happen to you –
Something along the lines of making more money, attracting a fulfilling relationship, or having an easier life.

But when the opportunity appears in your life to fulfill that WISH, something always holds you back!

For some, it’s finances, for others it’s lack of time or feeling overwhelmed.

My thoughts are – do you know how many people are struggling with the same circumstances?
You may think this is unique to you, like it’s the Universe or God telling you to hold back.

However, that’s not what it is at all… it’s a common habit and lifestyle of someone who hasn’t made it to the other side yet. You may have tried to, but honestly, something in you is still holding you back.

So why do you have that RE-occuring desire to step into your true power and live an easier life? It’s because this is what is MEANT for you. That is your soul’s wisdom talking to you. But every time the opportunity to succeed arrives, it is up to YOU to find a way to problem solve your circumstances and go after it. Whatever that gateway is for you, it is your call whether or not to take the steps to get there. 

What do you do to break out of an old pattern and take charge of your future?

  1. Get clear on what you want to create in your life, and WHY that is important to you. (Write it down right now on a paper in front of you.)
  2. From 1-10, how important is this WHY to you?

Now, if your WHY is an 8 or above,
you are standing on fertile ground.

You can nurture your dreams or let them wither and die.

If you have had the desire to step into your power and you believe that a better life is worth fighting for, then there is no time like the present to begin. 

Wishing you power, passion and freedom!


P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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