Have you been putting off your dreams because the time doesn’t feel right, or you’re busy?

Has it become too easy to blame your inaction on circumstances (and hide behind your kids, your health condition, your unsupportive partner, or your hectic schedule)?

I’ve been there, too. And sometimes I still have moments when my capacity is challenged by a long to-do list or family responsibilities. However, one thing I’ve learned is that it’s actually easier to make time for dream-making actions than it is to experience the regret of not following through.  

Shifting Out of Overwhelm and Into Action

Why do people put off their dreams for elusive targets such as the “right time?”

  • Part of it is because it is SO much harder to take 100% responsibility for your own destiny. It can be scary to risk failure, success, judgment, or whatever sharp-toothed creature awaits around the bend. When you acknowledge your role in making your dreams a reality, it can feel like a great burden to carry.
  • The other part is you can get stuck in the dreaded comfort zone… the place where no one questions you, looks at you, or questions why you’re wearing your pajamas on a Saturday afternoon.

So, how do you Challenge your Comfort Zone and Take Action?

  1. Ask yourself ONE thing you can do this week to begin taking action on one goal. 
  2. Set the intention to do it. Make this task a priority by working it into your calendar. 
  3. Then DO it!

Your most AMAZING ideas for your life cannot fully manifest into physical form until you align your inner focus with ACTION. (Otherwise your beautiful visions stay stuck in the ethers.)

The good news is…

Destiny will find you no matter what!

You may have found the best hiding places or escape routes, but your purpose always remains within you. Know that YOU have a powerful hand in how slowly or quickly your destiny unfolds. (Will it be in this lifetime or the next?)

The time to shift this is now. I am not ok with letting your dreams fade because you are busy or can’t commit or don’t trust yourself. You can shift this right now.

Much Love,


P.P.S. If you are struggling to get your goals out of your head and into reality, let’s talk. Book a call with me to come up with your own strategy for shifting your life from stuck to inspired action today. Book your call here.

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