If you want to powerfully LIVE your life and share your wisdom with the world, that means:

You are SEEN and HEARD.

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There are few things more uncomfortable for an empath than being visible. Especially in the beginning stages of stepping into their power.

I want to share something personal with you…
At one point, I was resistant to having a public Facebook account. (Yes, it’s 100% true!)

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I realized that my fear of being seen was not in alignment with my greater vision for my life and my business. One thing I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that you don’t get to reap the financial rewards, fulfillment, or FREEDOM unless you are able to focus on the right things and cut through your fears.

Otherwise you will be wasting your precious time and energy on all the wrong things.

Fear is always a factor in success. Just ask anyone who is stretching outside of their comfort zone to create new results in their life. That kind of choice takes focus, strength, and commitment.

That’s why not everyone is doing it.

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My point in sharing this is…
On your journey, there absolutely will be spammers, takers, and critics. It has nothing to do with what you are “attracting.” It is part of the process of taking a stand for yourself and what you believe in no matter what. It is part of learning how to intuit what is from the light and what is not. It’s not giving up when things get difficult.

Beyond the external challenges, there are those voices within YOU that are the hardest ones of all to settle. You have to be so connected to your heart, your intuition. You have to be crystal clear on your soul’s essence and WHY you’re doing the work, in order to put that voice of fear into perspective and get on with what you are creating.

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Leading a life that is in alignment with your soul’s essence – the part of you that is eternal, pure, and limitless – requires you to clear out what is NOT of the light and start leading from your heart. That is where your power and purpose awaits you.

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Much Love,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!


Flower Photo Credit: Robert Harding

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