As Ambitious Empaths we love to be productive and see tangible results.

You may not be going out these days, but who says you can’t
bring some of the fresh energy of Spring indoors?

I wanted to share some things you can do to clean up your online business systems while you have all of this extra time on your hands. This practical action guide will help you create both high-frequency forward momentum AND fast results, as you clear away the clutter!

The Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

  • Update calendar availability
    • Update intake questions on calendar application
  • Update social media bios/photos
  • Revise About Page on website
  • Update free gift opt-ins
  • Check and update Call-To-Action links
  • Review monthly finances ($ earned, spent, software expenses)
    * If you do not have a spreadsheet to keep track of your monthly financials, start one! Or have your VA start one for you!
  • Delete, file, or archive old items in the following places:
    • your computer desktop
    • your physical desktop/office space
    • email inbox
    • Google Drive/folders
    • Dropbox
    • photos, clip art, stock photos
    • Social media unfollows
    • email unsubscribes
  • Move furniture or Feng Shui your office to enhance your career
  • Add finishing touches to your physical desktop and office space (e.g. plants, candles, crystals, inspiring quotes, photos, etc.)
  • Smudge with sage or palo santo to clear and uplift the energy of the space
  • Take a deep breath, look around, and enjoy the results of your work!

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and let me know how you did!

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