Quick question for you: When was the last time you cleansed your energy field?

In everyday life a variety of energy and influences exist all around us… distracted drivers, impatient shoppers, people who are in pain or lost. If you are a sensitive, it is absolutely critical to your overall well-being for you to cleanse your energy field on a regular basis.

Often times, we get caught up in the moment what we’re doing (which is actually great!); however, that’s often when we forget this simple practice… until our body or emotions remind us of it!

Energetic build-up does not only affect our physical well being, but it can also impact our outlook and relationships. Just because we can’t see energy doesn’t mean we aren’t impacted by it. There is so much beauty to be enjoyed in our daily lives, yet it can be a challenge to appreciate the joys in life when we are influenced by energy that does not belong to us. Energy that we’ve simply absorbed.  

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about: Last week I went to a 3-day event with 600+ attendees. You would think I’d be on top of the whole energy cleansing due to the large guest list; however, I was so engaged in the awesome people and information at the conference, that I forgot to cleanse and protect my energy field. (It happens to the best of us when we least expect it!)

On day two of the event, while sitting in the middle of the air-conditioned grand ballroom, I suddenly began to feel dizzy, overheated and nauseous. In addition, while walking around the hotel during our breaks, I felt unsteady and off-balance, like I was standing on a swaying boat.


Fortunately, I was with my BFF who is also extremely sensitive, and she had experienced similar effects. My friend had to leave the room because she felt so poorly. Our initial unfiltered thoughts were, ‘Hmmmm… I’ve been eating healthy. What’s going on? Am I coming down with something?’

After sharing this with each other, we quickly realized, ‘Ohhhh, we’ve been picking up on the energy of everyone around us for two days straight! It’s no wonder we feel like this!’

Some serious cleansing was in order, so we headed back to our hotel room at the next break to revitalize our energy. Luckily, we came prepared with our essential oils and flower essences, and we have our own methods of visualization at our disposal. We sat in peaceful relaxation together, and laughed at ourselves for forgetting such a basic practice.

For the rest of the event, we consciously managed our energetic boundaries, and all was golden.


Had this happened 10 years ago, I would’ve thought I was sick or that I had social anxiety disorder (that’s another story!). I used to avoid going to malls or social gatherings because I’d literally get sick with physical symptoms during or after being in such environments. It was kind of a big deal because it often stopped me from doing many ‘normal’ things that are like second nature to most people. Those days are over because I have accepted my sensitivity as a part of who I am and have gathered many tools to help keep my energy clean and light.

How many times have you been out-and-about and were suddenly hit with a headache, dizziness, or some other symptom that made no sense in the context of the situation? In such instances, you can ask yourself if the origin of the symptom is tied to YOU or the people/environment in which you find yourself. Were you feeling poorly before you entered the situation? Do you have any logical reason to feel this way? (diet, emotions, lack of sleep, etc.)

If you SENSE or KNOW that you are energetically sensitive, don’t hesitate to listen to your body’s wisdom when it comes to your energetic boundaries and wellness. If you need to take a break to regroup, by all means allow yourself to do that.

You absolutely CAN honor yourself without shutting yourself off from the world. In fact, you may be ONE cleansing practice away from feeling free and clear to confidently immerse yourself in a group experience or a crowded setting. It doesn’t have to be hard. Know that you are definitely not alone and that you can manage your energetic wellness with a few simple techniques.

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s a good idea to make sure you are taking care of your subtle energy. It’s no fun to come home carrying someone else’s baggage. It’s SO much better to arrive home with great memories! Do whatever it takes to let go of that extra energy and you will be free to enjoy your experiences.


Here are some Practical Energy Cleansing Ideas:

  • Take breaks
  • Inhale white light or blue sky down to your root chakra (base of spine) and exhale old energy down through your feet into Mother Earth
  • Keep a quartz crystal (or one that resonates with you) in your possession
  • Burn some Palo Santo or Sage
  • Smell some peppermint, lemon, or spearmint essential oil
  • Take your flower essences (walnut and crab apple are excellent purifying choices!)
  • Do the ‘breath of fire’
  • Light a white candle
  • Ring a bell/chime
  • Drink structured water
  • Bless a glass of water with your intention and then drink it
  • Take a sea salt bath – add your favorite essential oil
  • Spray your favorite cleansing essential oil spray
  • Do a quick chakra cleanse
  • Listen to a guided meditation
  • Release old energy into Mother Earth
  • Go outside and breathe in the fresh air
  • Touch/hug a tree
  • Cover yourself in an oval of white or pink light (yes, this works) and surround that layer with mirrors.
  • Take an ‘energetic shower’ by visualizing white light “raindrops” cleansing you from head to toe
  • Do a quick cord cutting
  • Ask Archangel Michael for protection

I hope you find these strategies helpful in cleansing your aura, rejuvenating your senses and uplifting your energy. What is your favorite way to maintain your energetic hygiene? I’d love to hear!

Elevate Your Energy and LOVE Your Life!

Much Love,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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