Can we be real for a moment?

Life can be messy sometimes. It’s not always smooth sailing.

So, I wanted to share with you something that happened last week in hopes of reminding you that everything happens for a reason… even the unpleasant stuff!

Here’s a peek into my recent mishap:

In a nutshell, I had been mopping the floors after a long day of laundry and taking care of my 4-year-old son who was sick with a tummy bug. Later that afternoon, I went out into the garden to catch a moment of peace. Stepping back into the house feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, I was ready to wind down after a tiring day.

Suddenly, my husband asked, “What’s that dripping from the ceiling?!” I proceeded to dart upstairs to find our laundry room 3 inches deep in water!

There was a flood in our house. And guess what?
It was all my fault! (In my sleep-deprived cleaning frenzy, I had accidentally left a faucet on upstairs.)

Have you ever had a moment like that where you wish you could go back in time?

This was an expensive, messy mistake, and I wanted to cry but was too busy racing around placing bowls throughout my kitchen to catch the leaks.

Why am I sharing this with you?

We ALL make mistakes.
It’s how you move past them that makes a difference.

Do you dust yourself off and move forward?
Or do you get stuck in doom and gloom?

People often ask me what to do when everything seems to be going wrong?

My answer has two parts:

1. First, remind yourself that whatever it is, it is temporary. It will pass.
2. Secondly, Take a deep breath and find the MESSage beneath the mess.

Those two simple steps can be applied to any unpleasant experience in your life to help you create an immediate energy shift. It’s too easy to get stuck when things ‘go wrong.’ It’s easy to place blame and be hard on yourself. Instead of stopping at the difficult part, you must take it a step further … to see the blessings on the other side of those less-than-graceful moments. 

A good friend of mine compared getting beyond difficult moments to finishing a movie. You don’t walk out of the theater when the protagonist is struggling. Instead, you stick around because you know their suffering will pass. AND you stay around to see the inevitable message, the resolution, the happy ending.

This mini-disaster DID turn out for the best. The gems mined from this mess were reminders of the overflowing abundance in my life:

  • An understanding husband (who didn’t get mad at me!)
  • Great homeowner’s insurance
  • My two healthy children
  • A beautiful home
  • And the list goes on…!

When you reframe Life’s messy moments, you can relax and trust that everything is working in your favor — even if it’s simply to remind you of the blessings in your life. The truth is, you don’t have control over everything and everyone around you. Peace and joy can be yours at any time, especially when you can surrender to life’s difficult moments.

Regardless of how difficult your circumstances may be, you are sitting on a goldmine. In other words, all of the answers are within you. Trust that when you look back on your life, nothing will have been a random mistake. AND you will have some great stories to tell.

Lemons to lemonade,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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