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As a sensitive soul, it is likely that you are no stranger to overwhelm.

It’s helpful to acknowledge that overwhelm can originate from very different scenarios.

In the case of the remedy Elm, the overwhelm comes from juggling too many things – more than your average load. Many empaths tend toward saying yes to things in the spirit of goodwill – whether it’s at home, at work, or in their community. And other times, life circumstances require us to take on more responsibilities than usual. While some may be very effective at handling the increased volume of tasks at once, others may suffer from the stress of doubting their ability to handle it all.

Welcome to Video #14 of the More Joy Less Stress Series for Sensitive Souls. Today’s remedy is helpful for overwhelm associated with taking on too much. This energy can present itself as feelings of doubt, depression, or exhaustion.

To restore your ability to deal with overload in a balanced way, watch today’s video for the basic indications and benefits of Elm.

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I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Feel free to comment after you watch.

Want to learn more about how the Bach Flower Remedies work? Click here for Flower FAQs.

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Karyn is an internationally-certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, who creates custom flower essence blends to work with your unique energy, emotions and personality. You can experience significant emotional shifts NATURALLY, as the Bach Flower Remedies have no harmful side-effects or contraindications.

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P.S. In last week’s video, we covered the remedy that is helpful when you notice you may be seeking approval for what you already have decided within yourself. It helps you remain faithful to your vision even when you feel uncertain of how everything will turn out.

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