Did you know that once you decide you are ready to move forward with your dream, you could suddenly be showered with success?

Of course you did!

That’s one of the main fears people have when designing their life. We often think that fear of failure is what holds people back. But even more subversive is the fear of success because it seems so counterintuitive.

It’s a common reason why people procrastinate or make excuses for NOT taking steps toward what they want, because…

What if you actually get it? What if it really works?!

That loving relationship.
The beautiful home.
The new friendships.
The long list of clients.

Here’s the truth: You deserve BIG Success. BIG Love. BIG Joy. If you’re playing small, you are getting in your own way.

Sometimes these patterns of self-sabotage can become so much a part of you — like breathing — that it takes conscious awareness to nip those fearful undercurrents in the bud and move freely on the path to your own success. There will be fear anytime you forge new paths. That’s normal, but it will no longer block your way.

Here’s an example:

Say you want to find a partner to share your life with but there’s something in the way… It’s not that you never meet anyone or that you don’t really want companionship. It’s that silent voice inside that cautions, “If you find that special someone, you’ll have to be vulnerable and that’s too scary.”

Or say you want to have a career that you’re passionate about with lots of enthusiastic clients, but you are scared you’ll be overwhelmed and have less freedom in your schedule.

Yes, these seemingly harmless inner conversations actually stop people from shooting for the stars.

Don’t sabotage your dreams before they even have the chance to begin.

So… What if it really works?!

Well, that would be awesome!!

Don’t get caught up in the details because they have a divine way of working themselves out as you go. The main point is to get started. And the right people, the right information, the right circumstances have a beautiful way of appearing at just the perfect time.

Simple see what it feels like to change your perception around that simple question, “What if it works?” — from one of fear to one of JOY. This will take some practice and problem solving on your part to investigate what lies beneath your reluctance to be showered with LOVE or SUCCESS.

Instead of the energy of contracting or shrinking, try expanding your energy to align with love and trust. Dream from that place, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

Give your joy and success a chanceExpansion and abundance are your birthright.

Much Love,



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