This thing we call “Life” is whatever YOU make it to be.

But I have a question for you…
What was the first word that popped into your mind?

Was it “Life is…


Your experience is ALL about your perception. What one person views as tragic another may view as an open door.

So, what IS Life to YOU?

Do you know what you want?

Even more importantly,
are you taking committed steps towards your dreams?
In other words, when the going gets tough, do you lean into the discomfort and keep going?

Or do you question whether it’s worth the effort?
I assure you that your dreams ARE worth the fight.
That you ARE worthy of the victory.

Did you know that nothing in my life that I have REALLY wanted (deep in the core of my being) has ever felt comfortable in the beginning stages? Yes, it’s true!

Why is that?

It’s partly because your deepest desires are out of your current wheelhouse. In other words, you don’t have it yet, and what you have been doing so far has not aligned with what it takes to create what you DO want. This applies to any desire. For me, these dreams were getting married, having children, starting my own business, speaking on stage, publishing my book, etc.

What dreams and desires do you have on your bucket list?

You may be sensitive, and yet you are strong enough to withstand the temporary discomfort that comes with change. If you are scared or hesitant, you get to use this as an opportunity to stretch beyond your current limitations.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

It is not always at first glance what the messages are in our experiences or how our dreams will come to fruition. Often times, we don’t see the perfection and precision in how everything unfolds until afterwards when we can reflect on the big picture.

In the meantime, it is beneficial to Trust that everything in your life is FOR you, not against you.

CHOOSE to have faith in the goodness and abundance that is meant for you to experience in this life. The choice is yours!

To your freedom,



P.S If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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