Happy 2020!

Whether your 2019 was really challenging, really amazing, or just all right… it’s all OK!
(This is a quick reminder to refrain from assigning too much meaning there.)

The exciting truth is…
You have unlimited opportunities for positive change
within your grasp every. single. day.

Whether it’s December or January or May, in each new moment YOU have the power to choose your path and where you will go next.

So first things first…

Have you decided what you want to take with you into 2020?
— And more importantly, what to leave behind?

Try this 5-minute exercise to lighten your load and clarify your direction:

  1. Divide a sheet of paper into three sections.
  2. Section #1: List “things to KEEP for my highest good.”
    These are the qualities, habits, choices, attitudes, emotions, people, places, and things that have worked well for you.
  3. Section #2: List “things to RELEASE for my highest good.”
    These are the qualities, habits, choices, attitudes, emotions, people, places and things that you notice have held you back. These are the equivalents to running with weights (or blinders) on. Letting go of what no longer serves your higher purpose will make room for more of what you want.
  4. Section #3: List “things I want to BE, DO and HAVE for my highest good.”
    Allow yourself to write freely, uncensored, as a stream of consciousness. Tap into your senses of sight, sound, physiology and emotion as you let your dreams and aspirations flow. Then circle your top 3 priorities. You may surprise yourself.

Here’s to traveling light in 2020!

It’s time to look forward now. There’s so much I’m excited to share with you in 2020, and I’m committed to continuing to offer you the inspiration and transformation that will take your life to new heights. I can’t wait to see where it takes you next!

To your success,

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