I often hear these questions in some form or another.
And, to be honest, these thoughts pop into my mind from time to time, too.

What if I make the wrong choice?
What if it doesn’t work?

The possibility of unexpected twists and turns can cause feelings of anxiety or fear. That’s natural when you’re stretching yourself.

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But focusing on the what if’s is what keeps talented, powerhouse Empaths from taking action on their dreams.

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The BIGGER question:
Will you get to your destination even if you take a detour or a wrong turn?

The answer:

You will still arrive at your desired destination.
(Perhaps someplace even better!)

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The problem is that many people STOP before they find out where they will end up. The part that hurts the most is they may be just a few blocks away from a breakthrough when they decide to turn around and go back home.

For some, it’s simply getting in the car. And if you’re not in the car yet, that’s a choice you’re making. And each new day you can choose to start driving.

When you first begin something new, nine times out of ten you will not FEEL like taking some of the necessary steps.
It may feel scary.
It may feel like WORK.
And it is easy to make the mistake of thinking you need to feel inspired and fulfilled BEFORE you take action.
But it’s actually the other way around.

To set your dreams in motion, you are required to take action no matter how you feel (if it’s connected to your higher purpose). Then the higher vibrational feeling will follow (e.g. inspiration, confidence, fulfillment).

If you are scared, tired or resistant, take small steps. Just ONE intentional action daily is a great start. When you do this, you allow your energy to adjust to the bigger reality you are creating along the way.

If you know what to do but are lacking accountability, invest in a coach for consistent guidance and support, or ask trusted friends to help keep you on track. Your dreams matter!

Rest assured that Everything is leading you to your destiny. You have an internal gps, your heart, that will always guide you. How many times have you taken a wrong turn that led to a better place? Or to a friend you wouldn’t have otherwise met?

Taking action doesn’t mean you won’t encounter mistakes. It means that when you make a wrong turn, it is meant to be part of your journey.

To your exciting journey,



P.S. If this message would inspire someone you know, please pass it on!

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