This week’s message came through loud and clear.

You may be sensitive but you are NOT fragile.
There IS a difference.

Merriam-Webster gives basic definitions that capture the essence of my point.

1 easily broken or destroyed
2 delicate or lacking in vigor

1 receptive to sense impressions
2 capable of being stimulated or excited by external agents; highly responsive or susceptible; delicately aware of the attitudes and feelings of others

As we define ourselves as Empaths or Highly Sensitive People, it is beneficial to be conscious of the way we perceive our sensitivity, so as not to diminish our Power.

If you’re like many Empaths, you have been through extreme, traumatic situations, and/or have been hurt in unimaginable ways…

And yet, you retain a purity, a lightness, and a strength that others can’t help but notice.

It’s that part of you that others automatically trust.
It’s that part of you that continues reaching for the light.
It is THAT part of you which remains at the heart of your being.
It is your beautiful SOUL that is pure and limitless.

As an Empath, you have a choice each and every day to live from an empowered place – no matter what has happened in the past. In fact, when you can use your past failures and heartaches as stepping stones to a better life, your sensitivity, grace and brilliance will shine through and usher in more light.

Keep Shining,



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