“You’re working too hard.”
That’s the voice I heard earlier this week when
I was up to my eyeballs in emails and after-school activities with my kids.
I love my life. However, when things get hectic,
it’s crucial as a sensitive to pay attention to such signals.

What were these signals?
My body was telling me through tense shoulders.
My mind was telling me when it had trouble focusing.
My divine mother was telling me to slow down.

Can you relate to receiving guidance like this?
It can come at the most random times.
And it’s not all that mysterious.

I chose to heed my inner wisdom and booked a massage/spa day, which is where I am writing to you from now. And I wanted to take a moment to share this message with you… now that I’ve got my sparkle back![spacer height=”20px”]

Knowing how to LISTEN to the signs you get can make the difference
between feeling like a million dollars and feeling completely spent.

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When you choose to take care of yourself, you are resetting your energy from the inside out. And your brilliance can shine through again.

As I was doing my hair and makeup after my luxurious massage, I was feeling energized. And for a brief moment, I was tempted to plug in my headphones and catch a podcast. But instead, I heard that voice again:

“Be present with yourself.”

That meant no extra stimulation. So again, I listened to that inner guidance and paid attention to EXACTLY what I was experiencing in each moment–the brush in my hand… my face in the mirror… the hum of the zipper on my makeup bag… you get the idea. S l o w i n g D o w n and being mindful gave my sensitive nervous system another opportunity to reset.[spacer height=”20px”]

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of damage control.[spacer height=”20px”]

Yes, my spa day was an inve$tment.
Yes, it took a bit of planning.
Yes, it was exactly what I needed.

Have you been working too hard or giving too much lately? If so, you can begin to shift that energy today.[spacer height=”20px”]

How to Tune into Your Signals

  1. Pause for a moment to ask yourself what you need or want.
  2. Listen to the signals in your body, or the thoughts and desires that show up in your awareness.
  3. Honor yourself and commit to following through on whatever it takes to bring you back to peace. (This often means it becomes a part of your calendar!)[spacer height=”20px”]

It is okay to slow down and rest when you feel tired or stressed. In fact, it is a requirement.

One of the benefits of being a sensitive is we can sense when our energy is becoming depleted much sooner than the average person can. And if we listen to those signals (instead of postponing our needs), life is so much more enjoyable.

Take loving care of beautiful YOU today. You can be fabulous tomorrow.

Much Love,

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